Video Recordings

28 January 2020
Le ZĂ©nith
Paris, France
Europe 2020
1 Blu-ray
Martin Stein / chmetal
Alexander Polevoy, emjo, Martin Stein, Arturo Cespedes Martin, Vincent Papuchon

1. Prince of Darkness (Intro) (1)(3)
2. Hangar 18 (1)(2)(4)
3. Wake Up Dead (1)(2)
4. Sweating Bullets (1)(2)
5. Dawn Patrol (1)(2)
6. Poison Was the Cure (1)(2)
7. Trust (1)(2)(3)
8. Dystopia (1)(2)(3)
9. Symphony of Destruction (1)(2)(3)
10. Dave's speech about cancer (3)
11. A Tout le Monde (with Electra Mustaine) (1)(3)
12. Peace Sells (1)(3)
13. -Encore break- (1)
14. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (1)(3)(5)
15. Silent Scorn (Outro) (1)

Filmed by :
Alexander Polevoy (1)
emjo (2)
Martin Stein (3)
Arturo Cespedes Martin (4)
Vincent Papuchon (5)

Audio by Inconnu, Moka17
MultiCam by Martin Stein

Notes from Martin Stein :
Thanks to Alexander Polevoy, who provided me his video files from iPhone 11.
His job is fantastic: he found very nice angle and his filming was very stable!
Unfortunately he filmed incomplete songs that had to be patched.

Also thanks to emjo from the Deep Purple Hub (gvx on guitars101) who allowed to use his master to patch most of the missing parts!
His quality is quite similar so it was very nice to patch the missing parts from his angle.

Also due to filming problems the instrumental part of Hangar 18 was replaced with the part from youtube video of Arturo Cespedes Martin.
Thanks to him for fantastic filming where you can see the proper guitarist doing the proper solo (you see Kiko playing his solos and Dave playing his ones)!

Also thanks to Vincent PAPUCHON from youtube, as I used his video to patch Holy Wars... The Punishment Due track.

And final thanks to inconnu for great audio recording of this show!

I decided to use youtube videos to patch the missing parts as my master was taken from very far from the stage without closeups as you may see occasionally while watching the show.
So I took 3 masters (Alexander Polevoy's, emjo's and mine) and 2 youtube videos. I could took more youtube videos, but unfortunately I was not satisfied with the recompression results and squares on the picture.

The idea was to patch Alexander Polevoy's videos with my master, but my video (which is complete) was taken from the very distant angle.
But after some time emjo posted his master on the Deep Purple Hub and allowed me to use it for the multicam.
As I'm not very good at multicams I simplified my work into just patching the places not covered by Alexander's videos.
Paris 2020

Cover Artwork
Martin Stein

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