Trading Rules


1. If you contact me first, you send me first
2. I use and accept disc quality (Verbatim (I prefer), Sony, TDK, Memorex)
3. CD must be burned at Disc-at-Once (DOA). No Track-at-Once (TAO) or large track
4. CD must be burned 24X max. and DVD 4X max.
5. No Lossy sources (MP3, VCD ...)
6. Please don't write anything on disc
7. I don't send jewel case
8. The package must be sent in priority mail (no surface or economy mail)
9. Artworks are available to download on this website. So, I don't send them through e-mail or CD
10. Please do not choose on "Incoming" section
11. I don't accept 2 virgin CD-R/DVD-R/+R against 1 bootleg
12. I do not trade online, except small audio trades (2/3 shows)
13. I do not accept raw files format. Only DVD / Blu-Ray formats
14. I cannot put vinyl sources on CD, so please don't ask