This is a list of all the people I have traded with.


Good Traders

Username Real Name Location Trades Website E-mail Details
Alex Sweden 1 Website View
Alina Russia 1 Website View
Andrew Caldwell United States 1 View
Angel Caro Spain 1 View
Anssi Finland 1 View
Antoine Robert France 1 Website View
Arnaud Berrot France 1 View
Aurélien Bousquet France 2 Website View
Bernd Germany 4 View
blazero28 Turkey 1 View
Blood on Blood Trade Elzbieta Poland 1 Website View
Bouvetoya France 2 Website View
Caio Brazil 1 View
Carlos Carrasco Martin Spain 2 View
Carlos Guerrero Garcia Spain 1 View
Cesar Ramos United States 1 Website View
Christer Olsson Sweden 2 Website View
Cillian Murphy France 1 View
Clément Schoehn France 1 View
Clive Richmond United Kingdom 3 View
crashdiet Oleg Russia 3 View
Damien Damian K. Poland 7 View
Daniel Biggs United Kingdom 1 View
Daniel Schwerter Germany 1 View
Darren United States 8 View
Dave Dahlgren Sweden 1 View
David Sagarra Mexico 1 Website View
Deso Bulgaria 3 Website View
Diego Gonzales Spain 1 View
Docperchut Jean-Baptiste Appert France 7 Website View
ead666 Sébastien France 7 Website View
Easterling Davis III United States 1 Website View
Eduardo Salas Chile 2 View
Efe Dinler Turkey 1 View
Enrico & Eliana Italy 3 View
Eran Maccaby United States 1 View
Esteban Cariello Argentina 1 View
Fabian Gomez Costa Rica 1 Website View
Fabio Italy 6 View
Federico Italy 1 View
Felix Russia 4 Website View
Fodphil United Kingdom 4 Website View
Franck Géringer France 3 View
Franz Italy 1 View
FVT Rockshows Fernando Uruguay 4 Website View
Gabo Gabriel Garcia Mexico 2 View
Gabriele Italy 1 View
Gibong Choi South Korea 7 View
Guillaume Lopez Riano France 1 Website View
Guillaume Sudour France 1 View
Heavy Jams John R. United States 2 Website View
Holy84 Stefan G. Germany 1 View
Ingo Buchmann Germany 5 View
Iron Pedro Portugal 2 Website View
Ivan Serbia and Montenegro 1 Website View
Ivo Bulgaria 1 Website View
Javier Solano Chile 2 Website View
Jeff United States 2 Website View
Jeff Thompson Canada 2 View
Jeroen Belgium 6 Website View
Jesse Saldana United States 1 View
Jim United States 1 View
John L. United States 1 Website View
Jose Spain 3 Website View
José Rodrigues France 1 View
Js. Richart Spain 1 Website View
JW J.W. Speijer The Netherlands 3 Website View
Karl Italy 1 View
Ken Wirantana United States 2 Website View
Konstantin Semjonov Latvia 1 Website View
László Hungary 1 Website View
Laurent Cazin France 3 View
Laurent Seene France 8 View
Lolo Froiz Spain 3 Website View
Luciano Brazil 7 Website View
Ludovic Gousset France 6 Website View
Maideniano Italy 2 Website View
Maideniron Rudy Belgium 1 View
Martijn Schipdam The Netherlands 1 Website View
Martin Vomocil Czech Republic 2 View
Marty Czech Republic 1 View
Mathieu Mellinger France 4 View
Metal Zigolo Alen Croatia 1 View
Mika Canada 7 View
Nicolas Doyen France 10 Website View
Nicolas Reverter France 1 Website View
Nikki Syxx United States 1 View
Olivier Breuleux France 8 View
Olivier Fernon France 1 View
Olivier Lugand France 4 View
Ouzo Germany 3 Website View
Park South Korea 5 Website View
Patrick Soppe The Netherlands 2 Website View
Pawel Poland 1 Website View
Philippe Hallopeau France 3 View
Psychward44 Wayne Mc Donnell Ireland 6 Website View
Pumpkinfab Fabien Jallet France 3 View
Remko The Netherlands 2 View
Rémy Cambon France 1 View
Rene Chile 1 Website View
Rich Causby United States 1 Website View
Rider of Thunder France 2 View
Robin22 Robin Valton France 1 Website View
Rozi (Marcin) Poland 3 Website View
Sagisteph France 2 Website View
Schulzi69 Hervé Schultz France 13 View
Sézar Brazil 3 View
sjmike Mike Bellandi United States 4 Website View
Stefan Lööf Sweden 1 Website View
Stéphan Belgium 2 View
Steve McDaniels United States 3 Website View
Taranis Patrice France 1 Website View
Theclansmen Morgan France 13 Website View
TheMetalist Chris Sweden 1 View
Thierry Veuriot France 1 View
Thomas Slovakia 1 View
Thomas Kim United States 1 Website View
Tomas J. Sweden 2 Website View
Törtsi Finland 1 View
Yoon Ji South Korea 1 View
Zdeno Slovakia 1 Website View

Bad Traders

Username Real Name Location Trades Website E-mail Details
Chileanbootlegs Jaqueline Paredes Chile 0 Website View
Franz Premm Germany 0 View
Judith Corbella Spain 1 View
Mad Maiden Fan Trades Mat Davidson Australia 0 Website View
Metallion Priest Alberto Neira Chile 0 Website View
Ray Walton United States 1 View
TripKore Robert Zimmerman United States 0 Website View
Ulrich La Rocca Jacob Brazil 0 View