Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
22 July 2017
Barclays Center
Brooklyn, NY, United States
The Book of Souls World Tour
2 CDs
Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics

CD 1

1. Intro
2. If Eternity Should Fail
3. Speed of Light
4. Wrathchild
5. Bruce Speaks
6. Children of the Damned
7. Death or Glory
8. The Red and the Black
9. The Trooper
10. Powerslave

CD 2

1. The Great Unknown
2. Bruce Speaks
3. The Book of Souls
4. Fear of the Dark
5. Iron Maiden
6. Audience
7. The Number of the Beast
8. Bruce Speaks
9. Blood Brothers (cut)
Wasted Years

Taper's notes : Got some free lower level tickets to the last "Book of Souls Tour" show (thanks Live Nation). A much better view than what I had the previous night (way up in the rafters).  Had a nightmare getting to the venue (the #2 train ended on 14th, then had to walk to Union Square to take the R) then I had to stand in a long line for the will-call to pick up my tickets.  This meant that, once again, I missed most of Ghost's set.  Maiden were fantastic, yet again, but the set was the same, yet again (this show did end with Dickinson stripping down to his boxers and throwing the rest of his clothes into the audience : ).  This recording is incomplete as my recorder app stopped just after the beginning of "Blood Brothers" and I didn't notice.