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Iron Maiden
29 May 2011
Oberhausen, Germany
The Final Frontier World Tour
Not For Trade
3 Vinyls

LP 1

A1. Intro (Doctor Doctor by UFO)
A2. Satellite 15 ... The Final Frontier
A3. El Dorado
B1. 2 Minutes to Midnight
B2. The Talisman
B3. Bruce Speech I
B4. Coming Home

LP 2

C1. Dance of Death
C2. The Trooper
C3. The Wicker Man
C4. Bruce Speech II
D1. Blood Brothers
D2. When the Wild Wind Blows
D3. The Evil That Men Do

LP 3

E1. Fear of the Dark
E2. Iron Maiden
E3. Encore Break
E4. The Number of the Beast
F1. Hallowed Be Thy Name
F2. Running Free
F3. Outro (Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Monthy Python)

Grey Marble Vinyl
Final Frontier in Oberhausen

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork