Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
28 February 1981
Taunton Odeon
Taunton, England
Killers Tour
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
Picture Disc

LP 1

A1. The Ides Of March
A2. Wrathchild
A3. Purgatory
A4. Sanctuary
A5. Remember Tomorrow
B1. Another Life
B2. Genghis Khan
B3. Killers
B4. Innocent Exile
B5. Murders In The Rue Morgue

LP 2

C1. Twilight Zone
C2. Phantom Of The Opera
C3. Iron Maiden
C4. Running Free
D1. Transylvania
D2. Drifter
D3. Prowler

Picture Disc
Taunton Exile 81

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