Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
7 June 2018
Norje Havsbad
Sölvesborg, Sweden
Legacy of the Beast Tour
Sweden Rock Festival
2 CDs
Dave Murray
Dave Murray
H2 Zoom

CD 1

1. UFO - Doctor Doctor
2. Intro: Churchill's Speech
3. Aces High
4. Where Eagles Dare
5. 2 Minutes to Midnight
6. The Clansman
7. The Trooper
8. Revelations
9. For the Greater Good of God
10. The Wickerman

CD 2

1. Sign of the Cross
2. Flight of Icarus
3. Fear of the Dark
4. The Number of the Beast
5. Iron Maiden
6. The Evil That Men Do
7. Hallowed Be Thy Name
8. Run to the Hills

Taper's notes :
Pretty much a "standard" gig from the tour, this was also my 100th time watching Maiden live, always something.

Recorded on the right side of the stage (Janick side) and pretty close.
Do remember that this was a outdoor festival, so you will hear people scream and talk from time to time.

This is more or less the original sound, if anyone wants to work on it, feel free to do so.