Audio Recordings

Death Angel
23 April 2019
Black Circle Brewing Company
Indianapolis, IN, United States
2 CDs
Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05

CD 1

1.  Intro
2.  Thrown to the Wolves
3.  Claws in So Deep
4.  Voracious Souls
5.  Father of Lies
6.  The Moth
7.  Seemingly Endless Time
8.  The Dream Calls for Blood
9.  Mark speaks

CD 2

1.  Mistress of Pain
2.  Lost
3.  Humanicide
4.  band introductions
5.  I Came for Blood
6.  3rd Floor
7.  The Ultra-Violence / Kill as One

Notes:  As you'll hear them mention a couple of times, this show was on the 32nd anniversary of the release of The Ultra-Violence.
The venue is a brewpub that recently opened and started having shows.  There were about 175 people crammed in there, and a pit broke out right away even though there really wasn't room for it.
I moved after several songs, but I can't hear the difference since it sounded pretty good in both spots.  Mothership was the main support, and a local band was the opener.  This was a headlining show for DA a couple of days before they joined up with Overkill to open for them.