Audio Recordings

Bon Jovi
26 April 2018
United Center
Chicago, IL, United States
This House Is Not for Sale
1 CD
Church Audio cardioids mic's CA-14s > Church Audio CA 9100 pre-amp > Sony M10

1. This House Is Not for Sale
2. Raise Your Hands
3. You Give Love a Bad Name
4. Whole Lot of Leavin'
5. Lost Highway
6. When We Were Us
7. Born to Be My Baby
8. Who Says You Can't Go Home
9. It's My Life
10. We Weren't Born to Follow (cut)


Taper's Notes : Unfortunately this recording is incomplete, due to a major fuck up. I managed to beat the metal detectors with ease. Unfortunately, I left my micro SD card at home.
Forgot to format the internal memory (which only had 800 MB left) and I only managed to record 52 minutes (fuck!). It is what it is.