Audio Recordings

Blaze Bayley
27 May 2017
Downtown Rockbar
Falkenberg, Sweden
Endure and Survive Tour
2 CDs
The Metalist
The Metalist

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Endure and Survive
3. Escape Velocity
4. Futureal
5. Blood
6. Alive
7. Silicon Messiah
8. Eating Lies
9. Samurai
10. Human
11. Fight Back
12. Virus
13. Calling You Home

CD 2

1. Stare at the Sun
2. The Clansman
3. Manhunt (including Happy Birthday to Blaze)
4. Drum solo
5. Manhunt (Reprise)
6. Man on the Edge
7. Dark Energy 256
8. Lord of the Flies
9. A Thousand Years

Taper's Notes :
They celebrated Blaze's birthday this evening but his birthday is actually 29th of May.
Small but wild club show. Free entrance! Lots of drunk people of course, but mostly not very present on the recording, luckily.
Blaze forgot some parts of Man On The Edge. Just a great moment. It's live and we love when shit like this happens.
If you get the chance, go see Blaze and his band. They really deserve it. They put a lot of energy into their shows and their fans.