Audio Recordings

9 June 2011
Sölvesborg, Sweden
30th Anniversary Tour
Sweden Rock Festival
1 CD
Dave Murray
Dave Murray

1. Get Started
2. Damage
3. I Don´t Believe in Love
4. A Dead Man´s Words
5. Hit The Black
6. The Hands
7. At 30.000 ft
8. NM 156
9. Screaming in Digital
10. Real World
11. The Lady Wore Black
12. Around the world
13. Walk in the Shadows
14. Silent Lucidity
15. Jet City Women
16. Empire

Taper's Notes : So, Queensryche on Sweden Rock?
Should be a killer!!

It was good, but it sure could be a whole lot better.
The band seem to be thinking of something else, not really there.
It sounded good, brilliant, but their minds were in Seattle or something.

Anyway, we got a pretty good setlist, maybe not a festival setlist but
still - Lady Wore Black, NM 156 & Walk In The Shadow is a good enough for me...

This recording was done pretty far back on the right side so
we got some talk and stuff. I wasn´t planed to record it but since I
was there, I thought, why not? Maybe someone like to hear it...

Well, here it is....