Audio Recordings

Paradise Lost
8 November 2013
Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Tragic Illusion Tour (25th Anniversary 1988-2013)
1 CD

1. Intro (Persephone)
2. Mortals Watch the Day
3. So Much Is Lost
4. Remembrance
5. Gothic
6. Enchantment
7. Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us
8. Tragic Idol
9. Never For the Damned
10. Isolate
11. Say Just Words
12. Rotting Misery
13. One Second (cut)

Taper's Notes : Recording cut off for what is I assume a battery problem. I encountered this once before at the Kreator show last year. Maybe I really should get it checked.. Hopefully more luck tomorrow! The songs that you are missing are True Belief and Over the Madness.