Audio Recordings

Paradise Lost
8 October 1997
Electric Garden
Stockholm, Sweden
One Second
1 CD
FM Radio Broadcast

1. Intro / Dissapear
2. Dying Freedom
3. The Sufferer
4. Forever Failure
5. One Second
6. This Cold Life
7. Embers Fire (Cut)
8. As I Die / Outro

Notes : Really great FM-broadcast from the "One Second World Tour 1997". A great performance at the now legendary "Electric Garden" in Stockholm. Nick got a demotape throwned at his and seemed to be a bit pissed-off by that, but it did seem to even make his performance even more dedicated and determined.
high position, low noise output, did some remastering to make it sound even more "top-notch", some treble-boost and volume-boost. Hope you´ll enjoy one of the very few FM-Broadcasts from the "One Second-tour"!