Audio Recordings

15 December 1981
Boston Garden
Boston, MA, United States
For Those About to Rock Tour
1 CD
FM Radio Broadcast

1. Back in Black
2. Bad Boy Boogie (incomplete)
3. Rock'n'Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
4. Guitar solo (LTBR - incomplete)

From UK Radio.  Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show Christmas Party broadcast (December 25th, 1981)
Kick Ass versions of Back In Black and Rock N Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.
Bad Boy Boogie cuts in.
Guitar solo is from the end of LTBR.
Listed at December 15th but AC/DC played Boston on December 14th & 15th.
Audience recordings of either show have not surfaced, as far as I know.
One can only wonder why the Friday Rock Show chose to include 3mins of BBB and 3mins of the LTBR solo instead of 2 other complete songs (if time was an issue).

This is taken from a 2 hour broadcast of the Tommy Vance Friday Rock Show.  The original broadcast included the 4 live tracks from Boston as well as several AC/DC studio tracks and studio tracks by other artist (suggested by the AC/DC lads).  I wish I could include the interviews, which are great and seem to have been done at the venue before the show (as there seems to be PA music in the background), but I only have them in mp3 (as I received those in a separate trade).  Brian, Malcolm, Angus and Cliff all chime in with great insight (Angus' all-time favorite song is "Get Back" by the Beatles, for instance) and stories.