Audio Recordings

Bon Jovi
8 June 2010
O2 Arena
London, England
The Circle Tour
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Last Man Standing
3. We Weren't Born to follow
4. You Give Love a Bad Name
5. Just Older
6. Born to Be My Baby
7. Lost Highway
8. Superman Tonight
9. Captain Crash
10. We Got It Going on
11. Bad Medicine (w/ Hot Legs - Rod Stewart Cover)
12. It's My Life
13. Lay Your Hands on Me
14. Make a Memory
15. Bed of Roses

CD 2

16. Diamond Ring
17. Something for the Pain
18. Saturday Night
19. Sleep When I'm Dead
20. Runaway
21. Work for the Working Man
22. Who Says You Can't Go Home
23. Keep the Faith (w/ Sympathy for the Devil)
24. David's Tony Intro
25. Dry Country
26. Wanted Dead or Alive
27. Always
28. Living on a Prayer

The second night of Bon Jovi's 12 gig residency at the O2.  Had a great seat (B1XX and fairly close to the stage) and some great company.  Such great company that we decided not to bother seeing Kid Rock opening and catch up on the last couple months instead (sorry anyone who may want that).  I'm not the most well versed in Bon Jovi history, so if there are any deviations from the official setlist on the website…I don't know what they are.  The recording is the complete Bon Jovi set, though, minus a minute or so of applause during the encore break where I started a new file on the recorder and had a quick word with the person I went with.

Sound quality…isn't brilliant since I don't have a battery box.  The semi-acoustic section is quite nice, though, and if anybody wants to do some filtering, feel free as long as you send me a copy - I just don't have the time these days to play with it.

Also, BJ fans may want to go on Sunday, as David Bryan, the band's long time keyboardist, will be missing the gig to attend the Tony Awards in New York, as his show MEMPHIS is up for 8 awards, including Best Score and Best Musical.  It should be an interesting gig to say the least, and in anticipation of it, JBJ recorded an intro at last night's performance at the start of the encores.
Lay Your Hands on Me, London