Audio Recordings

21 November 2014
Island Resort & Casino
Harris, MI, USA
2 CDs
Remastered by Hurricane62

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Nightrider
3. Breaking the Silence
4. Walk in the Shadows
5. The Whisper
6. En Force
7. Warning
8. X2/Where Dreams Go to Die
9. Double Guitar Solo
10. The Needle Lies

CD 2

1. NM 156
2. The Lady Wore Black
3. My Empty Room
4. Eyes of a Stranger
5. Empire
6. Encore Break
7. Queen of the Reich
8. Jet City Woman
9. Take Hold of the Flame

Notes of the taper : This was the first of a two-night gig in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan on a very cold weekend late in November.  In spite of the poor weather and the fact that all of the guys in the band except for Scotty were suffering from a nasty flu-bug, both shows went off and they sounded great.  The current line-up with vocalist Todd La Torre has really gelled in the 2 years that they've been free of Geoff Tate.  

This show was recorded by bubba420 and remastered by Hurricane62.  Hurricane62 was also planning on recording this show and the show the following night, but after being ratted out to the band's Tour Manager by UncleAdam, Hurricane62 was personally asked by the Tour Manager not to record either performance. For those of you who know UncleAdam - and even for those who don't - this classless act of ingratiation was retaliation for the fact that over 2 years ago, Hurricane62 called UncleAdam a dick for intentionally trying to spoil a recording.  The fact that he's still butt-hurt after 2 years just goes to show that he really is a dick.  That, and that fact that he had his head way up Geoff Tate's ass and after the settlement the Tates are now irrelevant, UncleAdam is trying to weasel his way back into the REAL QUEENSRŸCHE band's good graces.  Still. out of respect for the Tour Manager and the band members, Hurricane62 did not record either night's performance.  So far, no recording of the Saturday night show has surfaced.
Harris 2014

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