Audio Recordings

Def Leppard
16 August 1986
Donington Park
Castle Donington, England
Monsters of Rock Festival
1 CD

1. Stagefright
2. Rock Rock (Till You Drop)
3. Another Hit and Run
4. Too Late for Love
5. Love and Affection
6. Photograph
7. Let It Go
8. Run Riot
9. Rock of Ages
10. Wasted
11. Travelin' Band

This is a great show played a year before "HYSTERIA" was released. "Run Riot" and "LOVE AND AFFECTION" were the only new songs played from the album and these were rarely played on the "Hysteria" tour. There is a bit of noise distortion on "Too Late For Love" as well as "Photograph" A great show as it was Rick Allen's first big gig after his accident.