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Van Halen

Party at Ground Zero (Ultra Rare Tracks)
1 CD

The Zero Demos - Gene Simmons Produced 1976 V.H. Demo Tape :

1. On Fire
2. Woman in Love
3. House of Pain
4. Runnin' with the Devil
5. She's the Woman
6. Let's Get Rockin'
7. Big Trouble
8. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
9. Baby Don't Leave Me Alone
10. Put Out the Lights

Demo Recorded 26/10/1977 and 27/10/1977 and miwed by the band :

11. Show Your Love (Some Dropcuts)
12. Voodoo Queen
13. Little Dreamer
14. Last Night
15. Get the Show on the Road
16. Happy Trails

Original silver factory pressed CD
Party at Ground Zero (Ultra Rare Tracks)

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