Audio Recordings

Last in Line
18 December 2021
The Machine Shop
Flint, MI, United States
2 CDs
Source: Nokia Lumia 920 with HAAC mics

CD 1

1. Landslide
2. Stand Up and Shout
3. Straight Through the Heart
4. Year of the Gun
5. Holy Diver
6. Black Out the Sun
7. The Last in Line

CD 2

1. Starmaker
2. Electrified
3. Egypt (The Chains Are On)
4. Rainbow in the Dark
5. Devil in Me
6. We Rock

Notes: A great show by Last In Line in Flint despite the fact that it was cold and snowing. This band puts on a hell of a show. If you are a Dio fan then this is a must see. So cool to see Vivian, Vinny and Phil up close.  Andrew Crawford is amazing on vocals. I was able to stand right in front of the stacks. Only adjustment done was a two decibel increase to volume.

Frequency Analysis