Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
17 June 2023
Val de Moine
Clisson, France
The Future Past
Rare Trade
2 CDs
Sony MZ-RH1 Hi-MD + Sony ECM-719 Mic + iPhone SE2 (encore only)

CD 1

1. Doctor Doctor (UFO song)
2. Blade Runner (Vangelis song)
3. Caught Somewhere in Time
4. Stranger in a Strange Land
5. The Writing on the Wall
6. Days of Future Past
7. The Time Machine
8. The Prisoner
9. Death of the Celts
10. Can I Play With Madness
11. Heaven Can Wait
12. Alexander the Great

CD 2

1. Fear of the Dark
2. Iron Maiden
3. -encore break-*
4. Hell on Earth*
5. The Trooper*
6. Wasted Years*

* For some unknown reason, my minisdisc did not recorded the encore.
I recorded them with my iPhone SE2.

Frequency Analysis
Hellfest 2023

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork