Audio Recordings

11 November 1997
CoreStates Complex Parking Lot
Philadelphia, PA, United States
Re-Load Promo Tour
Not For Trade
5 Vinyls
The Godfatherecords

Recorded live at Delta Airlines Center, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, January 2, 1997

LP 1

A1. Intro (The Memory Remains Jam)
A2. So What
A3. Creeping Death
A4. Sad but True
B1. Ain't My Bitch
B2. Whiplash
B3. King Nothing

LP 2

C1. One
C2. Wasting My Hate
C3. Bass / Guitar Doodle
D1. Until It Sleeps
D2. For Whom the Bell Tolls
D3. Wherever I May Roam

LP 3

E1. Fade to Black
E2. Seek and Destroy / Fight Fire with Fire
F1. Last Caress
F2. Master of Puppets
F3. Enter Sandman
F4. Am I Evil ?
F5. Motorbreath

Recorded live at CoreStates Complex Parking Lot, Philadelphia, PA, USA, November 11, 1997

LP 4

G1. Helpless
G2. The Four Horsemen
G3. Of Wolf and Man
G4. The Thing That Should Not Be
H1. Fuel
H2. The Memory Remains
H3. King Nothing

LP 5

I1. Bleeding Me
I2. No Remorse
I3. Am I Evil?
I4. Stone Cold Crazy
J1. The Wait
J2. Master of Puppets
J3. Damage, Inc.

Blue vinyls #007/200
A Shitload of Load

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