Audio Recordings

3 May 2000
Hof Ter Lo
Antwerp, Belgium
Magica Tour
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
FM Radio Broadcast
Fallen Angel - ANGEL007LP

LP 1

A1. Discovery
A2. Magica Theme
A3. Lord of the Last Day
A4. Fever Dreams / Aliens (Reprise)
A5. Feed My Head
B1. Eriel
B2. Challis / Aliens (Reprise)
B3. As Long as It's Not About Love

LP 2

C1. Losing My Insanity
C2. Otherworld
C3. Magica (Reprise)
C4. Holy Diver
D1. Rainbow in the Dark*
D2. The Last in Line*
D3. Man on the Silver Mountain / Long Live Rock 'n' Roll*

* Feat. Bruce Dickinson & Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)

Black vinyls
Aliens in Antwerp

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork