Audio Recordings

2 May 2001
Sundsvall, Sweden
Magica Tour
1 CD
Mr. Stone
Mr. Stone
Sharp MD (SP)> Mic ?> Sony MZ-N1 MD

1. Intro
2. Sunset superman
3. Invisible (with Drum Solo)
4. Stand Up and Shout
5. Don't Talk to Strangers
Intro : Discovery
6. Magica Theme
7. Lord of the Last Day
8. Fever Dreams (with Guitar Solo)
9. Holy Diver
10. Heaven and Hell
11. Man on the Silver Mountain
12. Long Live Rock'n'Roll
13. The Last in Line

Taper's Notes : Ronnie James Dio was touring in Sweden with Ratt and Alice Cooper under the name Monsters Of The Millenium. The night started with Ratt and Dio did come next with a stunning gig before Alice comes on stage and closing the night with a brilliant show.
This audience recording did come out above average in my humble opinion, slightly "Tin can" sounding but that is due to the terrible acoustic in the venue. Nordichallen is more a sports arena then a concert venue. Still it was a brilliant night.
All things concider think we found a sweet spot for this recording, very little interferance from the audience.
If you are familiar with Swedish city's you can hear Dio shouting "Umeå bloody great" right after "Sunset Superman".
He was shouting the wrong city, we all know that they played Sundsvall this night.

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