Audio Recordings

Armored Saint
11 November 2022
Harpo's Concert Theatre
Detroit, MI, United States
1 CD
Sure MV88 Mic - iPod Touch/Motiv-Audio app

Reign of Fire
End of the Attention Span
1. Long Before I Die
2. Last Train Home
3. Chemical Euphoria
4. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
5. Symbol of Salvation
6. Win Hands Down
7. Can U Deliver
8. March of the Saint

Taoer's Notes : Opening for W.A.S.P.
Sound quality varies - sounds great at times and a bit muffled in others. Overall very listenable. We were in a ridiculously long line to get into the venue for 45 minutes, so we missed the first two songs, which I assume are as listed based on other setlists. Armored Saint sounded great were a lot of fun - great opening set!

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