Audio Recordings

22 October 2022
Paramount Hudson Valley Theater
Peekskill, NY, United States
Too Mean to Die
2 CDs
SP-CMC-8 mics > SP-SPSB-1-PC @ 69Hz > Edirol R05

CD 1

1. Zombie Apocalypse {mark}
2. Symphony of Pain {mark}
3. Restless and Wild {mark}
4. London Leatherboys {jason}
5. Midnight Mover {jason}
6. Overnight Sensation {mark}
7. Objection Overruled {mark}
8. The Abyss {mark}
9. Demon's Night / Starlight / Losers and Winners / Flash Rockin' Man {jason}
10. Breaker {mark & jason}

CD 2

1. The Undertaker {mark}
2. Princess of the Dawn {mark}
3. Fast as a Shark {mark & jason}
4. Metal Heart {mark}
5. Teutonic Terror {mark}
6. Pandemic {mark}
7. -encore break-
8. Son of a Bitch {mark}
9. Balls to the Wall {mark & jason}
10. I'm a Rebel {mark & jason}

Notes : earlier in the week, due to an infection, singer Mark Tornillo had to cancel a show and was filled in for by Jason McMaster (singer for Dangerous Toys). Even though Mark was singing at this show, it was obvious that he was still not at 100%. Because of this, they continued to bring Jason out to sing some songs by himself and some to duet with Mark. I have noted these above.

Frequency Analysis