Audio Recordings

31 October 1985
Worcester Centrum
Worcester, MA, United States
Sacred Heart Tour
2 CDs
FM Radio Broadcast
Evolution - EVOBOX35-CD2/3

CD 1

1. Intro
2. King of Rock and Roll
3. Like the Beat of a Heart
4. Don't Talk to Strangers
5. Hungry for Heaven
6. The Last in Line (W/ Holy Diver and Drum Solo)
7. Heaven and Hell
8. Guitar / Keyboards Solo

CD 2

1. Sacred Heart (W/ Last in Line Reprise)
2. Rock and Roll Children
3. Long Live Rock and Roll
4. Man on the Silver Mountain (With Rock and Roll Children Reprise)
5. Stand Up and Shout
6. Rainbow in the Dark
7. We Rock

Original silver factory pressed 2CD.
Disc Two and Three of a 6 CD boxset called "We Rock".

Frequency Analysis
We Rock

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