Audio Recordings

Cinderella's Tom Keifer
18 June 2022
Blue Note (Outside)
Harrison, OH, United States
Sonic Slam Tour 2022
1 CD
Charles Dewey Cole, IV
Charles Dewey Cole, IV
CA-14 Omni > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-A10

1. Touching the Divine
2. Night Songs
3. Coming Home
4. It's Not Enough
5. Somebody Save Me
6. Nobody's Fool
7. Solid Ground
8. Fallin' Apart at the Seems
9. The Last Mile
10. Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)
11. Shake Me
12. Shelter Me
13. -Encore-
14. Gypsy Road

Taper's Notes:

Tom Keifer headlining the SONIC SLAM tour with Faster Pussycat [not recorded] & L.A. Guns [recorded]. Tom's band was down 3 members to illness, 2 backing singers and their bassist. Someone filled in on bass (not sure of his name) & performed sans backing vocalists. The set was cut short 3 songs, "Rise", "The Death Of Me" & "Long Cold Winter". Ive heard there were curfew issues in the area (the show ended up finishing around 10:10pm) or it was due to the lack of band personnel.
Regardless, I was gutted as I had been waiting since the release of "Rise" to
hear the new material live. This setlist was essentially what I saw on his
previous tours + "TTD". I still enjoyed the show, but I expected more.

The sound was not the greatest, either. Which is a shame, because when I see
shows indoors at this venue, its almost always great. This show lacked low
end severely. I had to bring the highs way down and add some bass. There is
also quite a bit of phasing when I had tall people moving in front of me, but
its not that noticeable. There are some great up front videos on YouTube and
the sound isnt as poor coming from the stage. This was a packed outdoor show
with a lot of drunk folk, so given what I had to endure, its not a bad listen.
Debating seeing Tom next month in Pickerington to get the full 16 song set.

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