Audio Recordings

Alice Cooper
22 September 2021
Stanley Theatre
Utica, NY, United States
Detroit Stories
2 CDs
CA-14 Cards > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-A10

CD 1

1. Nightmare Castle
2. Feed My Frankenstein
3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
4. Bed of Nails
5. Rock & Roll
6. Fallen in Love
7. Go Man Go
8. Under My Wheels
9. He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
10. Social Debris
11. I'm Eighteen
12. Poison
13. Billion Dollar Babies

CD 2

1. Guitar Solo (Nita Strauss)
2. Roses on White Lace
3. My Stars
4. Devil's Food
5. Black Widow Jam (with Black Juju drum solo)
6. Steven
7. Dead Babies
8. I Love the Dead
9. Escape
10. Teenage Frankenstein
11. School's Out

Taper's notes : This recording was problematic all around. For starters I didn\'92t have a particularly good taping location - I was a few rows under the balcony and the sound was a bit muddy. I had some chatty crowd around me. I also have an occasional problem with my CA-14\'92s where my right channel drops out - this happened to be one of those nights. I had two spots in the show roughly totaling 15 minutes, all in the first 7 or 8 songs, where my right channel dropped out - I was able to copy over the audio from the left channel for these parts of the show, but there is a noticeable difference in sound between when it\'92s true stereo and when it\'92s dual mono. Given the circumstances I think this is a perfectly listenable recording, if not anything that will blow you away.

Frequency Analysis