Audio Recordings

30 August 1980
Convention Center
Dallas, TX, United States
Back in Black Tour
1 CD

1. Hells Bells (incomplete)
2. Highway to Hell
3. High Voltage
4. You Shook Me All Night Long
5. T.N.T.
6. Interview with Brian Johnson

There are only 6 tracks burned to the cdr. Track 6 is 42 mins long.
Only 20 minutes are from the Dallas show.
Hells Bells starts late, then fades out.
Brian talks about his confidence on stage.
Every gig he does is his first one.
Brian growing up, coming from Newcastle and a working class background.
Brian comments about being seen as a start.
Brian talks about leaving Geordie.
Brian talks about playing in front of the old crowd for the first time.
Brian talks about playing the old songs, his favorite songs to perform.
Brian talks about his opinion of AC/DC

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