Audio Recordings

Blaze Bayley
15 May 2010
Dante's Highlight
Helsinki, Finland
Promise and Terror
2 CDs
Core Sound Binaurals w/ bass roll-off > iRiver H320

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Madness and Sorrow
3. Voices from the Past
4. City of Bones
5. Blackmailer
6. Faceless
7. Smile Back at Death
8. Blood and Belief
9. The Brave
10. Lord of the Flies
11. Futureal
12. Letting Go of the World
13. Waiting For My Life to Begin

CD 2

1. 1633
2. God of Speed
3. The Man Who Would Not Die
4. Samurai
5. The Clansman
6. Man on the Edge Intro
7. Man on the Edge
8. Watching the Night Sky
9. Kill and Destroy
10. Robot
11. The Launch
12. Leap of Faith

Taper's notes:

What a night. Blaze played a full-throttle two-hour set as usual, but the crowd just wouldn't stop chanting. I "knew" that Blaze would stop after Robot so I stopped recording, but resumed when he came back on stage. Only missed a few seconds of the speech.

The title of the bootleg refers to mic-problems I had during Blackmailer, Faceless Man, and Smile Back at Death. This is my first time using CSB's, and while routinely checking that the levels weren't peaking, the plug became partly unattached, cutting signal to the right channel first partially and then completely. Left channel was also affected somewhat for a minute-or-so. The three tracks are therefore mixed in mono.

Frequency Analysis
The Right Channel That Would Not Die