Audio Recordings

6 September 1986
Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
Tokyo, Japan
The Final Countdown
1 CD

1. The Final Countdown (cuts out)
2. Heart of Stone (cuts in)
3. Ninja
4. Carrie
5. John Norum Solo / Boyazont / Aphasia
6. On the Loose / Ian Haugland Solo
7. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
8. Cherokee

Notes : This tape comes from a renowned swedish music journalist who went to Japan with Europe in 1986. He taped a portion of one the Tokyo concerts, not dating which one on the tape. To compare with the other Japanese dates except for the first one in Tokyo on September 6th, and Joeys introduction to
Ninja (in japanese) is not present on any of the recordings which leads to the conclusion that this is the first gig of the tour.

The taper moves around a bit, he tapes the first song from a good point, it's nice and clear. The he moves to find another place (possibly to take pics?) and from track 2 until the end of the drum solo he stays in that point. The sound is a bit overloaded here but still ok. The last two tracks were taped from a third place.