Audio Recordings

2 July 2019
Malmö, Sweden
1 CD
Dave Murray
Dave Murray

1. Intro
2. Brotherhood of the Snake
3. The Pale King
4. More Than Meets the Eye
5. D. N. R.
6. Eye Of The Wrath
7. Legions of the Dead (cut)
8. Low
9. The Preacher
10. Into the Pit
11. Electric Crown
12. Over the Wall
13. Disciples of the Watch
14. Practice What You Preach
15. The New World
16. The Formation of Damnation
17. Outro

Taper's notes:
2 years ago I saw Slayer do a Thrash show at "KB".
Last year it was Megadeth turn to play at "KB".
This year it was Testament...

The only difference was that this time it wasn´t sold out.
To bad, because it was brilliant, but a bit short.

About the recording:

I started out infront of the mixdesk, but it was to much people
running pass me, talking and I didn´t see a shit.

I had to move, I did this during "Legions Of The Dead" and when I
got out of the crowd, the sound on the side was just to poor/bad.
I needed to move again, so I turned off the recorder and started to move
to the other side, and found a good place to record and see the show.
This means that about 1 - 2 minutes of "Legions" and audience noice is
not recorded. I started the recorder as Chuck start to talk about "Low".