Audio Recordings

3 September 2010
WaMu Theater
Seattle, WA, USA
American Carnage
1 CD
Steve ballsdeep Hagar
Steve ballsdeep Hagar
Sonic Studios DSM-6P mic w/ 3 way lo-cut module, middle position -> Edirol R-09

1. For the Glory of... (Intro)
2. More Than Meets the Eye
3. Dog Faced Gods
4. The New Order
5. Practice What You Preach
6. Into the Pit
7. D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
8. 3 Days in Darkness
9. The Formation of Damnation

Taper's notes:  

this was one heck of a metal blowout. the gf (at the time) and I got to downtown Seattle around 4PM to get some good parking and soak up some people watching. we were rewarded, as being from Alaska, you usually see the same faces at repeated shows. lots of freaks wandering around for sure. as for the WaMu Theater, I was actually impressed, as for resembling a giant metal ballroom, some pretty great sound was captured with the recordings for all 3 bands. the mix for the first, Testament, was a little 'mushy' on the low end (I don't think they got a soundcheck), and when they parted the crowd mid-set for a full on mosh-battle, that was pretty fun to watch. I always liked Testament, they did not disappoint. Megadeth, however, the sound was SPOT on. as soon as they launched into "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due", I knew we were in for a treat. (best way to test sound: close your eyes for 10 seconds while the band is playing...your ears only can usually tell you)....the right mix of jazzy riffs and plucky low-end, this is easily the best sounding MD show out of the 5 times I taped them ('95, twice in '98 and '07). to these ears, it sounds just shy of an FM recording, betrayed only by an occasional screamer (never detracting from the music), it's a great, solid document of the 20th Anniversary of "Rust In Peace". as for Slayer...they're Slayer...brutal, pummeling, and brash...the same sound captured for MD was done for Slayer, it also is easily the best Slayer recording out of the few times I taped them (back in '95 and a rare show for the punk covers album "Undisputed Attitude" in Anchorage in '96)....I could rail on and on with a bunch of superlatives, but just go ahead and down the very least, the Megadeth and Slayer. your ears will thank you.