Audio Recordings

8 June 2017
Sölvesborg, Sweden
Doro Pesch's Warlock Triumph and Agony tour
Sweden Rock Festival
1 CD

1. Intro
2. Touch of Evil
3. I Rule the Ruins
4. East Meets West
5. Three Minute Warning
6. Kiss of Death (live premiere)
7. Für Immer / Tommy Bolan Guitar Solo
8. Cold Cold World
9. Make Time for Love (live premiere)
10. Metal Tango
11. All We Are
12. Earthshaker Rock
13. True as Steel
14. Breaking the Law

Taper's Notes :
This was my dream concert. To hear all the songs from Triumph & Agony was
a real dream com true. Tommy Bolan had some guitar issues and didn't play
as good as I had hoped, but I was there for Doro and the songs so I don't
care. A great set with a very heartfelt Doro, too bad some people talked
around me but you can't win.

I also filmed the whole show and will try to release it at some point.
Swedish Radio recorded it, so when it has aired I or someone will of
course share that, and in this torrent I included a 10 minute segment
from swedish TV which includes an interview with Doro together with
the full "Ruins" live :) What a nice thing to air!