Audio Recordings

6 November 2008
Utenos Pramog? Arena
Vilnius, Lithuania
Humanity Tour
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Hurricane 2000
2. New Generation
3. The Zoo
4. We’ll Burn the Sky
5. We Don’t Own the World
6. You and I
7. Send Me an Angel
8. Big City Nights

CD 2

1. No One Like You
2. Still Loving You
3. Deadly Sting Suite (Podmoskovnye Vechera, Blood Too Hot, He’s A Woman, She’s A Man, Dynamite)
4. Wind of Change
5. Hurricane 2000
6. Big City Nights

with Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra.

No back cover

Note of the taper : I lost the count of how many times Scorpions has visited Lithuania, but it was just once they played with an orchestra here. This show was supposed to be the last of the “Moment Of Glory” shows before the declared split of the band, but since the guys have changed their mind this recording has lost a bit of it’s value.

During the World Tour 2008 Scorpions played two concerts in the Baltic States with Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra. The first show was played in Riga (Latvia) and second in Vilnius (Lithuania). Both of them were a bit different. The band didn’t play “Moment Of Glory“, but Lithuanians got an additional song for the encore – „Big City Nights“ was played twice that night. Both shows were recorded. There is at least one audience audio recording of the Riga show, but according to a certain Scorpions trader it sounds very poor. Anyway, I don’t have it.

My recording of the Vilnius show was shared with Scorpions fans right after the show, but despite the quite good responses about the quality, I think it was a perfect example of lame mastering. My attempt to improve the unbalanced and messy sound was a fail. It was loud, overcompressed and unbearably EQ’ed crap polluted with exploding clappings, deafening screamings and whistlings. So finally I took the raw file and almost left it as it is. I’ve just made an exhaustive job of cleaning. Now the Scorpions fans have opportunity to get an improved version.
Moment of Glory in Vilnius

Front Cover Artwork