Audio Recordings

3 August 2006
Wacken, Germany
Wacken Open Air Festival
2 CDs

CD 1

1. Coming Home
2. Bad Boys Running Wild
3. The Zoo
4. Loving You Sunday Morning
5. Make It Real
6. Picture Life (With Uli Jon Roth)
7. Speedy's Coming (With Uli Jon Roth)
8. Dark Lady  (With Uli Jon Roth)
9. We'll Burn the Sky (With Uli Jon Roth)
10. Love'em or Leave'em
11. Don't Believe Her
12. Tease Me Please Me
13. Coast to Coast (With Michael Schenker)
14. Holiday (With Michael Schenker)
15. Lovedrive (With Michael Schenker)

CD 2

1. Another Piece of Meat (With Michael Schenker)
2. Kottak's Drum Solo
3. Blackout (With Herman Rarebell)
4. No One Like You (With Herman Rarebell)
5. Matthia's Guitar Solo
6. Big City Nights
7. Can't Get Enough
8. Still Loving You
9. In Trance (With Uli Jon Roth & Michael Schenker)
10. He's a Woman She's a Man (With Uli Jon Roth & Michael Schenker)
11. In Search of the Piece of Mind (With Uli Jon Roth & Michael Schenker)
12. Dynamite
13. Rock You Like a Hurricane

I made tracksplitting
Wacken 2006

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