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Iron Maiden
Invasion of Rarities Part. II (2005)
Not For Trade
1 Vinyl
Deaf Rec.

A1. Prowler
A2. Remember Tomorrow
A3. Killers
A4. Running Free
B1. I've Got the Fire
B2. Transylvania
B3. Wrathchild
B4. Holy Smoke
B5. Running Free (demo 1979 feat. Doug Sampson on drums)
B6. Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple cover)(live 1984)

Track 1-6 : Recorded live in Japan during the first Japanese Tour
Track 7 : Non-European release, Nagoya 23/05/1981
Track 8 : Released by Mistake on 1st-Release of "Axe Attack"
Track 9 : 1979 Demo, Doug Sampson on drums
Track 10 : Deep Purple cover, live Posen 11/08/1984
Invasion of Rarities Part. II

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