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Metal Church
Building the Church (Demos 1981 & 1983), United States
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls

LP 1

"The Four Hymns" 1983 Demo:    

A1. Deathwish
A2. The Brave
A3. Battalions
A4. Gods of Wrath

May 1983 Demo:    

B1. Thrasher (Later Became "Hitman") (Instrumental)
B2. Graveyard Lust (Instrumental)
B3. The Unknown Song (Instrumental)
B4. Deathwish (Instrumental)
C1. Deathwish (W/ Vocals)

LP 2

"Red Skies" 1981 Demo [As Shrapnel Early 1981 San Francisco]:    

C2. Red Skies (Instrumental)
C3. Merciless Onslaught (Instrumental)
C4. And Heads Will Roll (Instrumental)

December 1981 Rehearsal:    

D1. Wake Up and Die
D2. Put the Chains On
D3. Arab Nations

Early 1981:    

D4. Put the Chains On (Instrumental)

LP 1 is black
LP 2 is orange
Building the Church

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