Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
13 January 2004
Pista Atletica
Santiago, Chile
Dance of Death Tour
Not For Trade
2 Vinyls
Heavy Metal Heroes Records - HMHR 018

LP 1

A1. Intro
A2. Wildest Dreams
A3. Wrathchild
A4. Can I Play with Madness
A5. The Trooper
A6. Dance of Death
B1. Rainmaker
B2. Brave New World
B3. Paschendale

LP 2

C1. Lord of the Flies
C2. No More Lies
C3. Hallowed Be Thy Name
C4. Fear of the Dark
D1. Iron Maiden
D2. Journeyman
D3. The Number of the Beast
D4. Run to the Hills

Blue vinyls
I Danced with Death in Chile

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork