Audio Recordings

27 June 2009
Feria de Muestras
Zaragoza, Spain
Polaris Tour
Metalway Festival
1 CD
Iron Pedro
Mastered by Navigator
Iron Pedro
SP-CMC-2 / SP-SPSB-11 (bass roll off @ 95Hz) / Edirol 09RH

1. Hunting High and Low (cuts in)
2. Speed of Light
3. The Kiss of Judas
4. Deep Unknown
5. A Million Light Years Away
6. Eagleheart
7. Winter Skies
8. Phoenix
9. Higher We Go
10. Black Diamond

Taper's notes : Some problems on this one, the disc where i was supposed to record had a problem and i only noticed it halfway through the first song after it some very drunk bastards camped right at my side and started to make strange grouls, unfortunatly i couln't move anywhere so it shows in the recording sound is clear apart from that but the show was average, no spark, just very professional.

Frequency Analysis