Audio Recordings

1 August 2008
Wacken, Germany
The Scarecrow World Tour
Wacken Open Air Festival
1 CD
Iriver ihp 320 + Battery box + Sony ECM 719 stereo microphones

CD 1

1. Twisted Mind
2. The Scarecrow (Jorn Lande)
3. Guitar Solo & The Scarecrow (Reprise) (Jorn Lande)
4. Another Angel Down (Jorn Lande)
5. Prelude & Reach Out for the Light
6. The Story Ain't Over (Bob Catley)
7. Shelter from the Rain (Bot Catley & Andre Matos)

CD 2

1. Lost in Space
2. Avantasia & Serpents In Paradise (Jorn Lande)
3. Promised Land (Jorn Lande)
4. The Toy Master
5. Farewell (Amanda Somerville)
6. Medley : Band Introduction / Sign of the Cross / The Seven Angels

Taper's notes : Here is a kick ass audio recording made during the WACKEN Open Air 2008. Behind this recording, there are two days of train and car to come down to WOA, there are also one week of extreme camping, extreme food and drinks, sun and rain, extreme music, extreme lavatories, ... among 75 000 other dedicated Heavy Metal fans.

So, I hope you'll enjoy this bootleg, ... and if you don't ... buy your own equipment, move your lazy ass and do it yourself next time and .. fuck you !

Frequency Analysis
Serpents in Wacken '08

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork