Audio Recordings

Iron Maiden
14 September 2019
Banc of California Stadium
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Legacy of the Beast Tour
Not For Trade
3 Vinyls

LP 1

A1 Aces High
A2 Where Eagles Dare
A3 2 Minutes To Midnight
B1 Intro
B2 The Clansman
B3 The Trooper

LP 2

C1 Revelations
C2 For The Greater Good Of God
C3 The Wicker Man
D1 The Sign Of The Cross
D2 Flight Of Icarus
D3 Fear Of The Dark

LP 3

E1 The Number Of The Beast
E2 Iron Maiden
E3 The Evil That Men Do
F1 Hallowed Be Thy Name
F2 Run To The Hills


LP 1 : Grey/White Splatter
LP 2 : Red/White Splatter
LP 3 : Blue/White Splatter
Los Angeles 2019 (Entire Show)

Front Cover Artwork
Back Cover Artwork