Audio Recordings

Metal Church
2 August 2017
Store Vega
Copenhagen, Denmark
1 CD
Dave Murray
Dave Murray
H2 Zoom

1. Intro
2. Fake Healer
3. In Mourning
4. Needle and Suture
5. Start the Fire
6. Gods of Second Chance
7. Badlands
8. Beyond the Black

Taper's notes : I´ve always liked M.C. since the first time I´ve heard them back in late 80's.
Seen them as soon as they came to Sweden/Denmark and I had a chance to go there, despite that, I´ve only seens them 2 twice before and this was the third time.

Metal Church were opening for Megadeth in a totally sold out Vega and it was a HOT night!
Jesus, why don´t you turn on the ventelation or something, just suck the warm heatt OUT of the building.

I just raised the volume up a bit, so if anyone want to do anything with the sound and work with it, that´s fine, just put your work back up here for everyone. :)