Audio Recordings

Metal Church
1 May 2019
Black Circle Brewing Company
Indianapolis, IN, United States
Damned If You Do
2 CDs
Sound Professionals CMC-08s (AT943s)->SP-SB10->Roland R05

CD 1

1. Intro
2. Damned If You Do
3. Needle and Suture
4. Badlands
5. Gods of Second Chance
6. Start the Fire
7. No Friend of Mine

CD 2

1. Watch the Children Pray
2. The Black Things
3. Beyond the Black
4. By the Numbers
5. encore break
6. Fake Healer

Taper's notes:  They had played "A Date With Poverty" on some previous shows but dropped it on this one.  The venue holds about 200 people, so there
aren't a lot of choices for where to tape.  I was close to the board but moved around several times to avoid some people.  This is their first show in Indy since the return of Mike Howe and with Stet Howland on drums.  The guys are very down to earth and came out to sign and meet the fans after the show.  One of them made a comment that the crowd was so pumped during the show that it seemed like a European crowd.  Enjoy!