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07/03/1980 Wales Cardiff Cardiff University
08/03/1980 England Leeds Leeds University
09/03/1980 England Briston Colston Hall
10/03/1980 England Manchester Apollo Theatre
11/03/1980 England Sheffield City Hall
12/03/1980 England Sheffield City Hall
13/03/1980 England Leicester De Montfort Hall
14/03/1980 England London Hammersmith Odeon
15/03/1980 England London Hammersmith Odeon
16/03/1980 England Southampton Gaumont Theatre
18/03/1980 Scotland Aberdeen Capitol Theatre
19/03/1980 Scotland Edinburgh Odeon Theatre
20/03/1980 England Newcastle Mayfair Theatre
21/03/1980 England Newcastle Mayfair Theatre
22/03/1980 Scotland Glasgow Apollo Theatre
23/03/1980 England Queensferry Deeside Leisure Centre
24/03/1980 England Liverpool Empire Theatre
25/03/1980 England Stoke-on-Trent Trenthams Garden Grand Hall Theatre
26/03/1980 England Birmingham Odeon Theatre
27/03/1980 England Birmingham Odeon Theatre
27/03/1980 England London BBC Studios "Top of the Pops"
01/04/1980 England London Finsbury Park Rainbow Theatre
03/04/1980 England London   
05/04/1980 Belgium Kortrijk Kortrijk Festival
07/04/1980 England Plymouth   
08/04/1980 England London   
10/04/1980 England Grimsby   
12/04/1980 Germany Hamburg Markthalle
13/04/1980 Germany Berlin Huxley's Neue Welt
14/04/1980 Germany Hannover Niedersachsenhalle
15/04/1980 Germany Cologne Satory Saal
16/04/1980 Germany Neu Isenburg Hugenottenhalle
18/04/1980 Germany Erlangen Stadthalle
20/04/1980 Germany Munich Schwabinger Braü
21/04/1980 Germany Mannheim Rosengarten
22/04/1980 Germany Karlsruhe Stadthalle
25/04/1980 France Paris Bataclan
26/04/1980 Belgium Brussels Forest National
09/05/1980 U.S.A. Chicago, IL International Amphitheatre
20/05/1980 U.S.A. Santa Monica, CA Civic Auditorium
25/05/1980 U.S.A. Fort Worth, TX Will Rogers Auditorium
31/05/1980 U.S.A. Houston, TX The Summit
01/06/1980 U.S.A. San Antonio, TX Civic Center
02/06/1980 U.S.A. Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi Coliseum
06/06/1980 U.S.A. Midland, TX Chaparral Center Arena
07/06/1980 U.S.A. El Paso, TX County Coliseum
11/06/1980 U.S.A. Omaha, NE   
12/06/1980 U.S.A. Phoenix, AZ Veterans Memorial Coliseum
13/06/1980 U.S.A. Los Angeles, CA Long Beach Arena
15/06/1980 U.S.A. San Diego, CA SDSU Amphitheater
17/06/1980 U.S.A. Seattle, WA Coliseum Arena
19/06/1980 U.S.A. San Francisco, CA Warfield Theater
21/06/1980 U.S.A. Portland, OR Coliseum Complex
25/06/1980 U.S.A. Denver, CO The Rainbow Music Hall
29/06/1980 U.S.A. St. Louis, MO Busch Stadium
02/07/1980 U.S.A. Rochester , NY Auditorium
03/07/1980 U.S.A. Asbury Park, NY Convention Center
04/07/1980 U.S.A. Hartford, CT Stage West
05/07/1980 U.S.A. Hampstead, NY Nassau Coliseum
07/07/1980 U.S.A. Long Island, NY Calderone Hall
08/07/1980 U.S.A. Towson, MD Towson Center
12/07/1980 U.S.A. New York City, NY Palladium
22/07/1980 U.S.A. St. Louis, MO Busch Stadium
23/07/1980 U.S.A. Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium
25/07/1980 U.S.A. Pekin, IL Pekin Memorial Arena
27/07/1980 U.S.A. Rockford, IL Rockford Motor Speedway
28/07/1980 U.S.A. Dubuque, IA Five Flags Center
29/07/1980 U.S.A. Kalamazoo, MI Wings Stadium
30/07/1980 U.S.A. Dayton, OH Hara Arena
31/07/1980 U.S.A. Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena
02/08/1980 U.S.A. Boston, MA The Garden
03/08/1980 U.S.A. Syracuse, NY Onondaga War Memorial
05/08/1980 U.S.A. Dayton, OH Hara Arena
16/08/1980 U.K. Donington Monsters of Rock Festival
23/08/1980 Germany Nürnberg Neuenkirchen Festival
28/08/1980 U.K. London BBC Studios "Top of the Pops"

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