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Iron Maiden
30 September 1979
Music Machine
London, England
1 CD
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1. Wrathchild
2. Sanctuary
3. Prowler
4. Remember Tomorrow
5. Running Free
6. Transylvania
7. Invasion
8. Charlotte the Harlot
9. Phantom of the Opera
11. Iron Maiden

This show is from the collection of Eddie7679 who was active taping and collecting 1984-1989.
He was gracious enough to lend his collection to Smores who is working to get many of the old shows transferred and uploaded for others to enjoy.
Some of these shows are completely uncirculated while some of the circulated ones are getting a fresh transfer from the master tapes.
PLEASE contact Smores on DIME if you have any SAXON, ROSE TATTOO, WILDHEARTS OR NINE INCH NAILS. Thanks.

About this recording in particular:
Here we have some evidences that this is almost sure 1979-09-30, facts that doesn't happen in all
other bootlegs on circulation with different dates:
- people in the audience near the taper talking before Wrathchild
- speech and the guitar feedback in the beginning of Sanctuary is different from all the others
- that slightest error by Steve Harris in the beginning of Remember Tomorrow
- the end of Running Free (the band plays the final note twice)
- the "dead time" after Running Free where the audience screams, then Paul introduces
  Transylvania as an instrumental song.
- the guitar noise in the beginning of Iron Maiden.