Audio Recordings

30 July 1986
Independent Studios
New Orleans, LA, United States
Who Made Who
Tour Rehearsals
1 CD
Transferred by JB
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1. High Voltage (First 20 seconds are low, then levels are raised)
2. Studio chatter
3. Riff Raff (cuts)
4. Riff Raff (Longer version but cuts)
5. Dog Eat Dog (Beginning cut)
6. Studio chatter
7. Shes Got Balls (cuts)
8. Hell Aint a Bad Place to Be (cuts)
9. Who Made Who (Very End) + Chatter
10. For Those About to Rock

JB's notes : I've had various versions of these provided over the years and this cassette seems to have the clearest version Ive heard. Most versions have unbearable high end boost so here ya go...something thats actually quite listenable.
Tour Rehearsals 1986