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Iron Maiden
14 June 2008
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ, United States
Somewhere Back in Time
2 CDs
Version 2 - remastered by Dr. Demonic
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CD 1

1. Intro: Doctor Doctor
2. Intro: Transylvania
3. Aces High
4. Two Minutes to Midnight
5. Bruce Talking
6. Revelations
7. The Trooper
8. Bruce Talking
9. Wasted Years
10. The Number of the Beast
11. Can I Play with Madness
12. Bruce Talking: Rime Intro
13. Rime of the Ancient Mariner

CD 2

1. Powerslave
2. Heaven Can Wait
3. Run to the Hills
4. Fear of the Dark
5. Iron Maiden
6. Encore Break / Band Introduction
7. Moonchild
8. The Clairvoyant (cut)

Remaster notes:

Good sounding show.

The original recording came as one long file without any info.
I split it into tracks and remastered it:

It was a bit too muffled and not clear enough.
That's why I raised the mid and high frequencies.
And the overall sound is more powerful now.
I also manually reduced lots of loud clapping near the taper by up to 5 db.
A Dangerous Night in Holmdel

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