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01/01/1972 England Nottingham Hucknall Miners Welfare Club
02/01/1972 England Sutton in Ashfield Golden Diamond
03/01/1972 Wales Penarth Youth Wing
04/01/1972 Wales Cwmbach Bristol Legion
06/01/1972 Scotland Kincardine Youth Centre
13/01/1972 England Cheltenham Town Hall
05/02/1972 England Worcester Underground Club
06/02/1972 England West Bromwich Magnet Club
09/02/1972 England West Bromwich Yew Three Centre
17/02/1972 England Birmingham Henry's Blues House
18/02/1972 England Braintree Two J's Club
20/02/1972 England Braintree Club Horne Hotel
26/02/1972 England London Fulham Greyhound
28/02/1972 England Chester Courthouse
04/03/1972 England Dudley Technical College
09/03/1972 England Leeds Samantha's Blues Club
11/03/1972 England Manchester Central
12/03/1972 Wales Bangor Bangor University
13/03/1972 England Northampton Northampton University
24/03/1972 Wales Llanelli Glen Ballroom
28/03/1972 England Northampton City Rock
05/04/1972 England Doncaster Top Rank Suite
12/04/1972 England Wolverhampton Dix Club
19/04/1972 Isle of Man Douglas Palace Lido
20/04/1972 Wales Wales Youth Club
24/04/1972 England Wolverhampton Dix Club
28/04/1972 England Wigan Fag Club
29/04/1972 England Shrewsbury Wellington Hall
09/06/1972 Wales Swansea University of Swansea
13/06/1972 England Birmingham Cedar Club
14/06/1972 England Birmingham Cedar Club
17/06/1972 Wales Wales Laney Ballroom
20/06/1972 England Derby Cleopatra's
21/06/1972 England Bicester The Red Lion
11/07/1972 England Dudley Technical College
12/07/1972 England West Bromwich Tew Tree Centre
13/07/1972 Wales Wales Farafe Hotel
15/07/1972 England Coventry Walsgrove Hotel
21/07/1972 England Wolverhampton Club Lafayette
01/08/1972 England Birmingham Henry's Blues House
04/08/1972 England Dudley Technical College
20/08/1972 England Nottingham Moor Farm Inn
27/08/1972 England Nottingham  
31/08/1972 England Coventry Mandy's
07/09/1972 England West Bromwich Town Hall
08/09/1972 England Nottingham Plough and Harrow
15/09/1972 England Nottingham British Legion Club
17/09/1972 England Nottingham Moor Farm Inn
24/09/1972 England Birmingham Kinetic Circus
28/09/1972 England Liverpool The Babalou Club
29/09/1972 England Birmingham Fighting Cocks
30/09/1972 England Northampton City Rock
01/10/1972 England West Bromwich Angel Underground
02/10/1972 England Stafford King's Head
04/10/1972 England Stafford Bingley Hall
05/10/1972 England London Marquee Club
06/10/1972 England Northampton Northampton University
07/10/1972 England Nottingham Plough and Harrow
08/10/1972 England Stockport Spectrum
09/10/1972 England Workington  
10/10/1972 England West Bromwich Angel Underground
13/10/1972 England Liverpool Cavern Club
14/10/1972 England Bedworth Civic Hall
21/10/1972 England Liverpool Cavern Club
23/10/1972 England Chester Courthouse
27/10/1972 England Wigan Fag Club
29/10/1972 England Ilford Growling Budgie Club
03/11/1972 England Scarborough Penthouse
05/11/1972 England West Bromwich The Temple
13/11/1972 England Doncaster Top Rank Suite
20/11/1972 England Haywood Seven Stars
27/11/1972 England Old Hill The Plaza
06/12/1972 England Harrow Harrow College
07/12/1972 England Merton Zeppelin Club
14/12/1972 England Northampton Fantasia
16/12/1972 England Nottingham Boat Club
21/12/1972 England Brighton The Druids Arms
26/12/1972 England Birmingham Henry's Blues House

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