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13 March 2019
DAVID REECE - Malmö, Sweden
The Resilient Heart Tour
1 CD
Zoom H2

1. Intro / D-Train
2. Any Time at All
3. Karma
4. Two Coins and a Dead Man
5. Generation Clash
6. Perfect Apocalypse
7. X-T-C
8. Live Before You Die
9. What About Yesterday
10. Hellhammer

Taper's notes : What a strange and wonderful thing. UDO invites David Reece from the infamous Eat The Heat-album to open for him in Europe. So while UDO now does not play even one second of Accept-songs anymore (thank god) we still got four 80's awesome tracks which has rarely been heard live, even back then.

David has a pretty damn good voice still, I always loved the Eat The Heat and he's still got it. His new stuff is not bad, it's straight forward rock, no frills.
Not the most exciting thing I ever heard but it was all in all the best support band I've seen in a long time.